David Gemmell’s “Legend”

David Gemmell’s “Legend”
It’s been a while since we last announced a new title, but that is down to focusing on the current three series announced and in production. So, it is with great pleasure to announce the next new title for Curious King is the 40th Anniversary Edition of David Gemmell’s heroic fantasy “Legend”.
We will be publishing this book as a standalone title (not the full trilogy) in Q4 2024 and holding the brush on this new edition will be one of my favourite artists Justin Sweet.

About The Book

Published in 1984 David Gemmell’sLegend” catapults readers into the war-torn lands of Dros Delnoch, a fortress city standing as the last bastion against an overwhelming invasion. Druss, a legendary warrior, is reluctantly called to defend the realm against a relentless horde. As the siege unfolds, alliances are tested, sacrifices are made, and the resilience of the human spirit takes centre stage.
What sets “Legend” apart is Gemmell’s unparalleled ability to craft compelling characters and weave intricate plots that resonate with readers across generations. His writing is a masterclass in epic fantasy, blending gritty realism with moments of profound humanity.
Legend” is not just a tale of swords and sorcery; it’s a exploration of timeless themes – courage, sacrifice, and the enduring fight against darkness. Gemmell’s narrative transcends the fantasy genre, leaving a lasting impact on those who venture into the realms of Dros Delnoch.

The 40th Anniversary Edition

This book will get the full Curious King treatment, and I can currently confirm there will be :
  • 3 tiers (26x Lettered, 200x Deluxe and 350x Standard)
  • All states will be letterpress printed
  • Justin Sweet is producing 8 colour paintings and 25 black and white pieces and will be signing each edition
  • Stella Gemmell will be contributing a new foreword and signing each edition.
  • The Standard Edition will also come with a unique dustjacket by Justin Sweet unavailable on the other tiers.
David Gemmell’s “Legend” has been missing the fine press treatment, and we promise to produce the most beautiful version of this incredible title. 


It is still early days with the production as Justin finishes the interior sketches, and design work on the bindings has already begun. I’m particularly excited to share Justin’s iteration of Druss the Legend.
Our aim is to take a pre-order around June with shipping pre-Xmas.
This release is likely to follow Before They are Hanged, and Publishers Rights holders for Lettered and Numbered editions will have a window to purchase prior to the public pre-sale going ahead.
This means there will be at least 50 Deluxe Copies and all Standard Copies for sale at the public pre-order, and any rights holders who decline to purchase.
I’m very pleased to be able to do the first limited edition of such an iconic book in heroic fantasy from one of the UK’s most loved fantasy authors.
I also want to mention author Stan Nicholls who graciously helped me secure this title.