The Blade Itself - Joe Abercrombie

The Blade Itself is the first novel in “The First Law” Trilogy by British Author Joe Abercrombie. Our edition is illustrated by the incredible Tommy Arnold.

We are producing three states of each book and each has it’s own limitation and unique design features:

  • Standard Edition (500 copies)
  • Numbered Edition (150 copies)
  • Lettered Edition (26 copies)

This is Joe’s first work and foray into fantasy literature and is regarded as one of best examples of contemproary fantasy available today. Nominated for a Locus award in 2006 the year after it’s release, it has since gone on to critical acclaim.

Tommy Arnold is producing 9 colour illustrations (1x Dustjacket exclusive to the Standard Edition, 1x Endpaper and 7 portrait pieces within the book).

This striking Dustjacket for our standard edition depicts the Bloody Nine himself, Logen Ninefingers and the irritable Ferro Maljinn.

The jacket will not feature any text, and books two and three have already been taken into account with this design.

There is a limit of one edition per household. This means you can buy a numbered and standard, but NOT more than one of either. Anybody who orders more than one of either will have their order refunded and cancelled.

About the Editions


Limited to 500 copies only, the standard edition is 480 pages, printed letterpress in two colours (black and navy) on Omnia Natural 120gsm by Pat Randle from Nomad Letterpress on his Heidelberg Press.

This is the only version that comes with Tommy Arnold’s incredible dustjacket of Logen Ninefingers and Ferro Maljinn. 

It is bound in black buckram cloth with two hit foil stamping to the cover and spine, with rounded spine, tailband and coloured ribbon.

The endpaper will be a landscape illustration by Tommy Arnold, and the book will have a further 6 tipped in colour plates, a frontispiece and a fold out map approved by Joe Abercrombie.

The book is protected by a black buckram slipcase with unique design foil stamped onto the cover side, and lined with custom printed papers.

This edition comes with rights to “Before they Hanged” and “Last Argument of Kings” (as well as any future abercrombie works we do) but does not come with rights to rights to our other titles.
Signed by both author and artist.
Pre-Order Price: £200
Published Price: £215

Limited to 150 copies only. The numbered edition is 480 pages printed letterpress two colous on Omnia Natural 120gsm paper by Pat Randle at Nomad Press.

The book is bound in the finest blue leather goatskin and three-pass foil stamping on the cover, spine and back.

The tailbands and ribbon are also unique to this state. This design has been worked up alongside books 2 and 3 to ensure they flow.

As with the standard edition, this book comes will an illustrated endpaper by Tommy Arnold and a further 7 tipped in plates (including a frontispiece) and fold out map.

Housed in a curved mauve cloth slipcase with the blade design foil stamped across all three sides.

This also comes with rights to future Curious King numbered editions as well as books two and three in The First Law trilogy.

 This edition is signed by both the author and the artist.


Pre-Order Price: £550
Published Price: £575

Just 26 editions of the lettered state will be produced. Printed two colour letterpress on Magnani Mouldmade 130gsm paper by Pat Randle at Nomad Press, this edition features unique bindings, case and title setting.

Bound in finest Harmatan black goat with 2 blue leather labels and an inlay on the front board with 2 hits of foil stamp designs unique to this edition. It includes 4 raised bands, rounded spine, coloured headbands and 3 edges gilded gold, this is the most luxurious edition of The Blade Itself ever produced.

As with the previous editions there will be 7 tipped in pieces of art (including the frontispiece) and a fold out colour map. The lettered also comes with a marbled endpaper and fold out piece of art (the ullustrated endpaper used in the other two editions)

It’s housed in a black and blue leather solander box with a rounded spine, and blind stamped cross hatching across. There are also 3 hts of foil stamping on the leather covering and inside is lined with a sumptous dark blue suedel.

This edition is signed by both the author and the artist. If any copies are available, they will be released by lottery.


Pre-Order Price: £2300
Published Price: £2350