December 23 update – last of the year!

December 23 update – last of the year!
This is the final update before Xmas and the New Year, and I wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone who has supported the press this year. It’s been mind-blowing to see the support of both customers and followers and whilst I had hoped to have two books delivered this year I’m glad I got The Blade Itself out.
It’s absolutely my dream to publish titles like this and work on creating special versions of my favourite books. I don’t take this for granted, and hope everyone see’s at the very least the effort I put into each book. 
I’m incredibly busy at the moment juggling numerous things and tyring to get certain things tied up before the New Year. But not too busy not to give you all a quick round up on the books we have in production:

The Blade Itself

We have found a printer near Tommy in the US and the Cover Print proof has been approved and they have all been printed. Tommy will be signing them over the Christmas period and they’ll be going up for sale early in the New Year.
As mentioned this is limited to 50 copies for sale, and are 16inches x 20inches (sorry for not using metric Europeans, but a huge portion of my customers are North American) in size and are Giclee printed on Hannemuhle German Etching Cotton. 
It’s such an incredibly striking image, and I’m so pleased we got to use it for the dustjacket of the standard edition – I think Joe’s wife Lou summed it up with “I’ve never seen a dustjacket like it”! Amazing work from Tommy.

The Fifth Season

I have now taken delivery of all the Lettered Edition boxes and they look great.
Due to the non-uniform size of the agate slices (damn natural stone!) we dropped the circular engraving on the box as it wouldn’t have looked right with some of the stones.
The spine has been improved with a beautiful piece of rosewood for the amethyst and king design! See for yourself! Not the most professional picture, but all I can work with today.
 I’ll be dropping them off at the binders first week of January so they can be lined ready for the books. Also the Roman Numeral amethyst boxes are all nearly finished, and look forward to picking them up at the end of the month.
Binding of course is underway and still looking for a Q1 2024 delivery!
Really looking forward to seeing this one come together, and can’t wait to get started on 2 and 3. The whole series should look incredible together!


We have started printing the B&W images onto the flat sheets with our expert litho printer, and these sheets will be going across to Nomad Letterpress in January for the letterpress printing. The leather for the numbered edition has been ordered (as there is quite a lot of it!) and binding will commence once the Nomad have done their bit.
I’m also having the prototypes updated to reflect the extra bits we’re doing to them, and once they’re done i’ll share some images for everyone so they can see how great they’re going to look.
Jaime Jones‘ colour artwork is looking so incredibly good, and i’m really excited to see the full book and tip ins when it’s done. I’m really glad I went with Jaime for this title as he’s (in my mind) perfect for it.
We’re still saying H1 for shipping on Hyperion if all continues to go to plan!
The Roman Numeral edition is getting very close indeed, there are a few amendments we need before it goes on sale. This is likely to be ready for pre-order by Feb/March. It’s certainly an interesting take, so i’ll be interested to hear feedback when it’s out.

Other Titles

’ll be quiet on Hitchhikers for a while now as Gary Gianni starts his process, but I will be working on design in the interim. Still planning to do all four tiers (Standard, Deluxe, Lettered, RN) and have quite an exciting idea for the RN (that may or may not happen). It’s certainly a challenge and feels like when I took on RPO. It may end up being a money pit and a pulled concept, but we’ll see!
The next title that will be up for Pre-order is going to be Before they are Hanged by Joe Abercrombie! Our plan is to pre-order in March on this one, and should be able to share details of the release early in 2024. Our plan is to ship before the end of 2024, hopefully earlier depending on schedules.
Not only that, I’ll be announcing a new title early next year which will be available for pre-order H1 2024 (and yes, it does have a Standard Edition). I don’t want to say too much as people are so good at guessing, but this book hasn’t had the Limited Edition treatment before, so I’m very excited to work on it. I’ll be publishing this title as a standalone (even though it has some sequels) and will likely follow Before They are Hanged.
We do have other titles under contract now, which is incredibly exciting and you’ll find out about these throughout 2024 no doubt!
I hope everyone has a great Christmas break (if you celebrate it of course!) and I’m bursting with excitement to get started in January and bring these books to life.