Did I Say Christmas?

Did I Say Christmas?

I realised in my last post that I said I may be able to release details of the title and potentially even take pre-order before Christmas. Well I was wrong. 

Upon my last (and very fruitful) trip to the amazing Ludlow Bookbinders I was advised that it would be very unlikely the prototype would be finished before Christmas. Something to do with some book called “Stardust” taking up everybodies time and resources (I’ve never heard of it either!). 

I understand this is a bit disappointing but I strongly advise people who have been put out to take it up with the publisher of Lyra’s Books. You may struggle to find him as I believe he is planning to be a recluse for the next 2 weeks and after my last trip to Shropshire, it’s impossible to find anything even with an address. 

Hopefully it should be completed in January and I’ll be able to announce the title and production largely in full. I have 3 artists confirmed and i’m working on the 4th as we speak – no expense will be spared and it should all fit in nicely with the book. 

Regarding pricing, I’ve mentioned it won’t be cheap. Depending on a few things it could cost as much as $2,000 – $2,500 – and there may be less than 26 as I’m still a few first editions short at the moment. I am however doing everything I can to get my hands on them. 

So there’s your pre-Christmas update. The next time you hear from me should be a very exciting moment, or of course a cripplingly disapointing one because there are more delays… We shall see.