Rebind incoming!

Rebind incoming!

I haven’t updated this blog for a while, in fact I only have one post on here. Whoops. Well you can consider this an update. 

After embarking on my Gardens of the Moon personal project, I had been thinking about going all the way and setting up a limited run publisher – I have loads of ideas and titles I’d like to take a crack at. 

However, it’s an expensive business to get started in. To get to a point where you can take pre-orders cost thousands (and likely a lot more) on licences, art, prototypes, websites etc. And while I got lovely feedback on my GotM project, you’re never quite sure people will actually like what you do. Also my current business (day job I suppose) has taken quite a hit in the pandemic and funds aren’t as available these days. 

I don’t want to let that sort of thing stop me though, and after a conversation with a fellow member of the collecting groups, it was suggested that I perhaps take on a rebinding project first (thanks Arnold!) 

What a good idea! This way I can take a stab at pretty much any book I want and I don’t have to convince a publisher/agent to sell me the reprinting rights when I have zero track record and no background in the industry. 

So that’s exactly what I’m doing – I am part way through a commercial rebinding project. The title I won’t be able to announce for a couple of weeks as I am a few short of the first edition’s I require, but the concept is done, designs are being pulled together and I should have a working prototype soon. 

This doesn’t mean I won’t be publishing in the future, I most certainly will. Before I decided to take on the rebinding project I actually had conversations regarding two particular titles that were interested in my vision for them – they will be put on ice for the time being. 

As it was with the personal GotM project, I am thoroughly enjoying this process and putting the pieces together as we speak. I have had some incredible advice from the likes of Rich Tong at Lyra’s Books, Jonas Ploger at Zagava, and a couple of collectors I have tried to befriend. 

I think my idea is a bit wild, but it felt right, and I hope it’s received warmly. It won’t be cheap i’m afraid, but I hope to be able to offer some cheaper versions when I actually start publishing rather than rebinding. 

What I can definitely say is that the incredible artisan’s at Ludlow Bookbinders will be doing the rebind which fills me with joy and confidence. Their work is second to none, and after receiving Stardust from Lyra’s Books this morning I couldn’t be more excited about my own project. 

I’m sorry I can’t say anymore at the moment, but once I announce the title in the next few of weeks I should be able to produce pictures of the prototype and start taking pre-orders fairly sharpish. Maybe even before Christmas! 

Until then I would appreciate any follows on social media @curiouskingbooks on instagram and facebook – it will be the best place to keep abreast of my progress!