June 2024 – Production Update

June 2024 – Production Update
It’s June already?! How on earth did that happen? Time flies when you’re trying to get a fine-press publisher off the ground it seems. So where are we then? It’s been a pretty manic month for Curious King, we’ve been delivering The Fifth Season (not without a couple of issues sadly), we’ve been announcing future projects, and working hard on prototypes for David Gemmell’sLegend”.
Where are we? Well read on to find out:

The Fifth Season

We’ve nearly finished shipping! We’ve shipped all the Standard, Deluxe and all but one of the Lettered Editions out to a wonderful response. We did have an issue unfortunately on what looks like 15 Deluxe Editions regarding creasing on two of the tipped in illustrations. This was dealt with swiftly with the bindery arranging for collection and rectification of the issue, and following this the bindery are putting in new measures in place so these things are caught going forward!
There are just the Roman Numeral Editions to go out now, and we can say good night to The Fifth Season. As mentioned we will be pushing back the pre-order of Obelisk Gate to 2025 due to scheduling with our artist John Anthony di Giovanni. We have still started the process of designing and developing the prototypes of the books, so will be able to share teasers later this year/early next year.
We will be putting up remaining Standard/Deluxe Editions on the website on Wednesday 26th of June at 20:00BST, so keep an eye out for that.

A few images of The Fifth Season owners receiving their new books!


We’re into the last few weeks of printing now, and this will go straight to the bindery! I’m visiting the letterpress printer next week to see how things are coming on and take some footage for social media. The proofs for the interiors and endpapers are already done and they look wonderful, Jaime Jones did a knock out job on this one.
I visited Ludlow Bookbinders last week for a few bits and saw a very promising Deluxe case with a strong blind stamping of the labyrinth design. We’re having a full case with stamping made up to see whether we need to change any of the other foil stamp colours as the blue leather is darker than the original. We should be able to update you with an updated image of the prototype in the near future.
Still aiming for late summer shipping on this one, so not too long to wait now!

Before They are Hanged

Art is well underway for this one now. Vance Kovacs has done some amazing work on the interiors so far, and I’m very excited to start sharing some of the finished images soon. We’ve picked some cool scenes from the book and really feel they fit in with Tommy Arnold’s work on The Blade Itself!
Platemaking is well underway and should have them ready for printing late Summer. Nomad Letterpress are well prepared for this one, and as mentioned this is being done alongside Last Argument of Kings. Our plan is still to bind and ship before the end of the year!


The pre-order for this is imminent! We’ve been furiously testing for the prototypes recently, and the good news is some of them are ready with the others hot on their heels.
Our current plan is to release details of the production on July 3rd 2024 at 20:00 BST. This should have the full release of all three tiers and hopefully the dustjacket art from Justin Sweet. Our plan then would be to do the public pre-order for July 14th 2024 at 20:00 BST. This would encapsulate all 500 Standard Editions, and at least 50 Deluxe Editions, and any Lettered/Deluxe copies that were not taken up by rights holders. I will be confirming this early next week. As with other productions we will be contacting rights holders following the announcement to take up their books prior to public pre-order.
We already have the prototype of the Standard Edition finished, and we’re actually very pleased with it and think it will go down well. The early tests on the Deluxe and Lettered Edition are also looking very promising too.
So put it in your diary for now, we’ll update you next week if this needs to change. As mentioned previously we are looking to do 26 Lettered, 200 Deluxe and 500 Standard. I like to think the editions are a nice balance of classic and contemporary binding.
We’re very excited about this one and will be naming it the 40th anniversary edition should printing happen on schedule. I’m not quite sure how I would feel if it finally shipped in January/February 2025 as this would be the 41st year. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts?
A little tease of the Standard Edition without it's dustjacket!

Fall of Hyperion

We’re on track for a Q3 pre-order on this one. It’s looking like September for this, and we are well on the way with prototyping. We’re looking to ensure the second in the Hyperion Cantos fits in nicely with the first, but yet still give it it’s own flavour on the binding designs. Jaime Jones is already making good progress on the art, and I’m excited to release this one to all Dan Simmons fans.
Q3 pre-order and shipping late Summer 2025 is the current plan for this one, so sit tight!

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

It’s looking great so far on the interiors, this is some of Gary Gianni’s best work in my opinion. Gary has found this one challenging as he hasn’t done much Sci-Fi in the past so doesn’t have much reference. Our goal with this one was to really play up Arthur Dent as the “straight man” amongst a weird and wonderful universe. This is going to be one of our best I think, and Marcelo Anciano and Gary are doing an incredible job so far.
Early stages of the prototypes as the designs are still being formed, but we will be starting testing of the bindings in the next month. Toying with a few ideas at the moment.
Due to the current market I am also looking to reduce the planned 42 Lettered Editions to just 26. This isn’t set in stone, and I’d appreciate any non-lettered owners getting in contact to let me know that they would be open to potentially purchasing a lettered Hitchhikers Guide, providing they like what they see on the prototype of course.
Plan is to pre-order November 2024 and ship mid-2025.

Last Argument of Kings

I recently announced on Petrik Leo’s Youtube Channel that Gregory Manchess will be illustrating Last Argument of Kings. Another incredible artist with a wonderful painterly style who does brilliant work, and is quite rightly a legend in the game. Greg has done some fantastic work over the years on some of the most well known and loved series, and has been working on numerous fine-press projects in recent years. He works in oils and currently is doing some of his best work (which should tell you something!).
He should be starting work very soon, and the printing of the interiors should be done following BTAH. This is projected for the end of the year, with pre-order planned for February 2025, and shipping mid-2025 (we may have some scheduling issues with the bindery with so many coming through for then).

Future Titles

We have already announced a title which is looking likely for next year, Robin Hobb’sAssassin’s Apprentice” which is the first book in the legendary Farseer Trilogy. We shan’t be announcing anything else for a few months at least, as this jumped the announcement queue due to circumstances out of reach!
On Petrik’s YouTube channel there were a couple of other titles I alluded to which we also have in the works, but no more hints here!
Expect further updates in the coming days/weeks on Legend as we countdown to pre-order!