November Update – 2023

November Update – 2023
Curious Kong has left the building… Yes that’s right, the monkey on my back has finally been removed. There is a Curious King published book out in the wild, and it turns out, people are quite happy with it! 
I’m absolutely over the moon with the reception to The Blade Itself, and very thankful to all involved for doing such a great job. I had the honour of dropping off Joe Abercrombie’s copies myself, and he was absolutely over the moon with them. 
I hope this gives people some confidence in my future work and titles, and have an idea of the quality of the finished product!
Well I can’t stop there, I have a lot on and for those interested, please read below!

The Blade Itself

It’s shipped, so can’t have much to say about it. Right? Wrong.
Myself and Tommy Arnold are releasing the iconic cover image as a limited run of prints. They will be 16inch by 20inch, Giclee printed on a very high grade paper and all signed and numbered by Tommy. These will be limited to 50 and price is TBA.
We should have these ready pre-Xmas, so please watch this space!

The Fifth Season

We’re closing in on The Fifth Season! I’m still awaiting the final images from John Anthony di Giovanni but have been assured they are very close. This is great news as it means the early work on binding can already start (as the book has been printed for quite some time now).
Folding in sections is underway, and work on the slipcases has begun. This means when the art has arrived the book blocks can be finished and the real meat of the binding process can get going. 
The boxes for the Lettered Edition are very nearly finished, and I have made some small changes to the design which I hope is appreciated. These boxes have taken some time due to the unique nature of each slice of Agate which is embedded within the lid. 
Also the Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition cloth has been ready for a while which is great news. Though I have had to make some changes to the Deluxe slipcase – it’s been capped with leather top and bottom, this is because the marbled cloth doesn’t hold up with regular use coming off and on a shelf. The last thing I’d want is for the colour/design to fade after a few years, so we’re upscaling to leather capping.
When will this all be done and when will you receive them? I’d like to think these would be out the door by the end of Q1 2024 at the latest, but without the art I cannot say for sure I’m afraid.


It sold out! And quickly! Something I was very surprised at as the market has changed a little bit, and the Deluxe Edition was more expensive than I had originally planned. But I really felt it needed everything I have put into it. 
Pat Randle at Nomad Letterpress is currently in the process of getting the plates secured, then they’ll be on the press pre-Xmas. Not only that, the casting is underway at Nomad Letterpress for the John Keats poem for the Lettered Edition (and Roman Numeral). This will be the first cast hot metal type work I do, and I’m very excited. 
Art is making very good progress – Jaime has been doing fantastic work on the prelims and finished colours. Still more to get through, but I’m certain the art will be done by the time it has been printed. 
Regarding the Roman Numeral Edition, we’re still pulling the prototype together. Is it nuts? Yes it might be a little bit nuts, but so it should be I think. I’m hoping I should be able to release the details on that before Xmas – depends on how my boxmaker gets on. I’m planning on doing 8 copies, but now I’m not that sure due to market conditions – may just do the original 6 like I did of TFS (thoughts welcome via email).
When will Hyperion be finished? Immediately after TFS I should hope. Printing will be done by the end of Jan with the art then the binding begins. The binding doesn’t require anything external, so they should be able to whizz through it.

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Art is beginning imminently on this. I know it’s been a while since the book was announced, but Gary Gianni has been booked up for a while. I had a meeting with Marcelo (who is doing the interiors) and Gary this week to discuss approach, so Gary can get cracking with the prelims. We won’t stop until the book is perfect, that’s for damn sure.
I’ve got some ideas for book concepts which I’m starting to work on. But definitely plenty to go at with this book.
When will this be done? 2025 most likely. Gary has a full year on this, so we’ll have to be patient!

Future Titles

What future titles? I’m kidding, I mean I have already started three series. I think the next book we will see after Hyperion is likely to be Before They are Hanged by Joe Abercrombie. After that? Either the Obelisk Gate or an unannounced title, again all depends on the art!
Aside from that I am of course having discussions about other titles/series – but won’t be releasing info on anything until progress has been made on art/contract.

Anything Else?

Yes, the new website isn’t far from being finished. It appears the rights transfer system works nicely, so we’re just polishing it now. Hopefully be done by the end of the year. We will be doing testing to ensure everything works nicely.
I think that about wraps everything up. It’s been a feverish couple of months at CK HQ and I’m very keen to keep the momentum going.