Limited Run Publishing


Curious King is a limited run publisher based in Manchester, UK that focuses on Fine Press editions of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and contemporary fiction. We are known for using the finest materials, artisan craftsman and the most incredible artists in the industry – our approach to each project is both creative and innovative. Collectors of our editions span the globe and we have sold our books in the US, UK, Australia, Europe, South America and Asia.


Belated August Update!

It’s update time! There has been plenty of movement on nearly everything in the last month or so. Without further ado the production updates are below:   The Blade Itself We aren’t far

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Roman Numeral – The Fifth Season

Despite some recent delays, I’m very pleased to finally release information on our highest tier edition of N.K. Jemisin’s “The Fifth Season”. This edition truly sums up the “Amethyst” edition of the books,

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June Update!

It’s that time month of the everyone…. blog time. I give updates, you give a collective sigh. What have I been up to this month? Book publishing mainly. I’ve had a busy month

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