Roman Numeral – The Fifth Season

Roman Numeral – The Fifth Season
Despite some recent delays, I’m very pleased to finally release information on our highest tier edition of N.K. Jemisin’sThe Fifth Season”.
This edition truly sums up the “Amethyst” edition of the books, and after a long period of research and development I’m very pleased with the outcome. I had the idea early on in the creative process of The Fifth Season and I just had to try and make it happen. The finished product is very close to how I originally imaged it and hope you appreciate the work that has gone into it.
The Roman NumeralAmethyst” Edition of The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin.
The box has been made my Master Stonecarver Nick Roberson, and is made out of real amethyst with a Princeton Quartz base (for durability). Inset within the lid is a Cumbrian, Scout Moor grey sandstone stone with the author, title and letter of the numeral hand carved by Nick himself.
Stone carving letters at this size is practically unheard of, and Nick even had to make a special tool for the job. He can only do a couple of letters at a time due to how taxing and difficult it is to produce this level of detail.
It has been beautifully lined by the artisans at Ludlow Bookbinders with sumptuous black suedel and has a matching black ribbon to release the book when needed. The inside of the lid includes a suedel covered block to ensure it stays in place, and allows the box to stand up comfortably without the cover slipping off. 
There will also be a brass display stand on offer should the owners want to purchase for their copy.
Onto the book! The book is printed by Nomad Letterpress with two colours on 145gsm Liber Charta, a fantastic mouldmade paper which prints really well.
Handbound by Ludlow Bookbinders, the front and back of the boards have an incredible 194 separate leather onlays (with raised leather in between) making up a mosaic of the amethyst obelisk. 
There are 5 different colours of leather onlay used, Blackberry, Ivory, Duckegg, Hydrainger and Purple, all of finest harmatan leather.
The endpapers are unique to each book, and have all been hand marbled by Freya Scott and her team at Paperwilds. Despite similar colour palettes the designs are all different.
The book is gilded gold on all three sides with purple tailbands and ribbon.
It is signed by both the author and the artist.
There will be 6 copies available for sale at a price to yet to be confirmed.


Each book will come with Roman Numeral Publisher and Series Rights going forward.

The Creation

When I first started working on concepts for The Fifth Season and I focused in on the Amethyst Obelisk idea, I couldn’t get the idea of an Amethyst traycase out of my head. I contacted about 15  stone carvers and stone masons in my attempt to find somebody to realise my vision. I had nearly given up when Nick Roberson, a surprisingly local stonecarver replied saying he was up for the challenge.
On our first meeting Nick wasn’t 100% sure it could be done and we started exploring other materials to use. Amethyst is a particularly fragile stone to use, especially when it comes to carving/cutting. However, I wasn’t one to give up, and eventually after some persistence we came up with a way to put this together using sheets of amethyst held together by strong resin.
As a nod to the books “Stonelore” we also came up with the idea of having a hand carved stone embedded in the lid with the particulars including the nomination of the book.
The book was an equally mammoth task. My mosaic design mirrors the fragmented nature of amethyst itself and the decision to have it on both covers nearly had Paul’s (Owner of Ludlow Bookbinders) jaw on the floor. Never one to back down from a challenge, a method was worked out and the result is what you see. Truly incredible.

Pre-Order Info

I don’t have a specific date for this yet, but it should be in the near future. I will send out a newsletter and give people ample time to sign up for the lottery.
The price is £11,250 for this edition. This includes ALL shipping, insurance and customs costs across the world. I wrapped it all together so there are no surprises.
Buyers will secure rights to future RN publications outside of the series, known as publication rights at Curious King. But I am only looking for buyers committed to securing the whole series (this does not however mean paying for all three up front).
As soon as I know when i’m able to set a pre-order date, I will send out information via newsletter and our social media channels. For now, enjoy! I had a blast breathing life into this.


Nick Roberson

Nick has for over 30 years specialised in technical stone carving and is now leading this field in the UK.
His realisations include carvings for Ubisofts ‘Farcry Primal’ franchise launch and Disney’s Jungle cruise film publicity. 
In 2002 Nick joined a team of sculptors working with Tim Burton on the Warner Brothers film Corpse Bride where he brought 8 characters to life from 2d designs.
He went on to to work with Burton on Frankenweenie and other film productions including Wes Anderson’s ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’. 
His portrait work includes carved stone and bronze commissions of Sir David Attenborough, Benedict Cumberbatch and Dwayne ‘ the rock’ Johnson.’